What You Need To Know About – Canada Travel

Canada is one of the celebrated countries of the world. The second largest country in the world has unique blend of French-English culture. With plenty of worth watching cities, the country is not densely populated. The cities of Canada have their own magnificence and grandeur that magnetizes people round the globe. The Land of Provinces The vast area of the country along with variation in flora and fauna varies in other attractions too. The different provinces have the aura that leaves no visitor from getting beguiled. They vary in not just flora and fauna but also the culture and other temptations. · The capital city of Canada –Toronto has any and everything. Where on one hand the city is the home for the longest street in the world- the Yonge Street, on the other hand it has the 1815 foot tall CN tower that is well known to be the tallest free standing structure in the world. This isn’t all. The visitors also take delight in the ravishing and enticing antiques displayed at the Sigmund Samuel Canadian Gallery and the eternal tourist destination-the Royal Canadian Museum. · The Prince Edward Island, the smallest province enthralls the visitors with its scenic splendor. The place is blessed not just with beautiful landscapes, sandstone cliffs on its southern coast but also sparkling green fields in the interior, crystal blue beach water of the sandy beaches around the coastline. · New Brunswick that is rooted in the French tradition s rich in seafood and fishing. The place has nestled the largest and busy town of Saint John that reminds of the history of the province. · Fishing and hunting are adored in the Newfoundland region too. It is the largest of the Atlantic Province that has the eleventh century Viking outpost as its outstanding attraction. · The New Scotland or Nova Scotia smells of Scotland as well as French fragrance. The amalgamation is also of the contemporary and the archaic structures like from the nineteenth century historic buildings there are exclusive latest shopping malls, apartments, hotels etc. · The British Columbia province is distinctively bifurcated into the lush green forests and the dry and arid region. · The Quebec province and the Quebec City have a lot to treat the visitors. The Montreal region of the Quebec province has special seasonal festivals. The winter season is a host to the La Fete des Neiges festival; the summers welcome all the Jazz and opera lovers with its Montreal International Music Competition and the International Opera Festival respectively. The Festival Internationale de Nouvelle Danse and the International film festival add to the beauty of autumn season. The Quebec City that is the capital of the Quebec Province is quite significant from the perspective of trade and commerce and its noteworthy historical buildings. · To hail all the golf, tennis, baseball and soccer lovers, the third largest city of Canada – Vancouver has more than numerous golf courses, tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields. The city has an exotic forty storey Harbor Center climbing up at which one can gaze at the Gastown (a renowned tourist spot) and Chinatown (the blooming Chinese community of Vancouver). For the children as well as the adults there is Stanley Park Zoo that is nestled in a thousand acre Stanley Park. · If Canada happens to be your holiday destination in the first two weeks of July, not to miss is the Calgary Stampede i.e. the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. This show has worldwide popularity that fetches innumerable tourists to Calgary. · Last but not the least are the Canadian Rockies- the Rocky Mountains on the edge between Alberta and British Columbia, the 4200 square mile Jasper National Park and the first national park of Canada i.e. the Banff National Park. Canada is the place where sports never say die. The country is known for its water sports like canoeing, sailing and so forth. Apart from these there is the national game of Canada- Lacrosse, the Canadians adorable game of Hockey, Basket ball and the like. The moment Canada ranks first on your dream destinations, just collect little information about the weather of the place that varies with the provinces there. For instance, the Quebec and provinces adjacent to it have hot and humid summers with cold winters. But the Northwest Canadian Territories are different with short cool summers and long cool winters. However, the concoction or fusion of diverse cultures and climate, picturesque attractions, cuisine, language, people etc. make Canada what it is- a place worth loving and visiting.

Travel To Lake Louise – Vacation Capital Of Canada

If you’re looking for a vacation getaway in North America with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, a place where you can see unspoiled wilderness and wildlife during the day, hike, bike, or fish, and then be pampered with a massage, facial, or body treatment, and enjoy a “high tea” in the afternoon, then consider traveling to the Chateau Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockie Mountains. A two hour drive from Calgary, situated on the bank of Lake Louise a vacation at the Chateau Lake Louise will have you thinking that you’re actually vacationing in a Swiss Chalet. Personalized service is the key here, any wish will be granted. The Chateau offers a spa and health club, with an indoor pool. There are at least six dining room serving hamburgers to Alberta beef tenderloin with black truffle potato gratin, and everything in between. Travel here any time of the year. During Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, Lake Louise has something to offer everyone. Canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, fly-fishing, and horseback riding are just some of the outdoor activities offered in Spring. For winter travel there is downhill skiing, heli skiing and plenty of cross country skiing. Lake Louise is one of Canada’s largest ski areas with a 3,250 ft. vertical drop. A 40 minute ride will have you to the Sunshine Ski Area which boasts the longest ski season in Canada. Shuttles run between the Chateau and the ski area. If you’re the adventurous type you might want to travel through the Banff National Park area. The Bow Valley Parkway is a scenic route that parallels Highway 1 between Banff and Lake Louise. On this lovely and winding drive you could easily see a lot of different wildlife, wolves, elk, mountain goat and moose. Banff is also the home of The Cave and Basin National Historic Site where the first hot springs were discovered. Also not to be missed is the Sulphur Mountain Gondola which will give you an eagle’s eye view of Banff atop of Sulphur Mountain – don’t forget your camera!

Travel TIPS For Canada

Canada is a charming country for a vacation. People are friendly. You can find enticing attractions and the nature is great, and also Canada hotels are welcoming all of the visitors. For your best traveling experience in Canada listed here are some helpful travel tips which may help you. 1.When to go to Canada When to go to Canada depends on this how long you want to stay and what exactly you need to do. The the winter season is long and from time to time chilly but in case you go there for skiing it doesn’t matter for you. Despite of the fact that some of the amenities in smaller towns are closed in the winter most of them are open all the year round. Summer season is from late June to the end of August and this period is the most suitable time for visit Canada. Even so most of the tourists think like that and then is the largest influx of travelers. Prices are higher, accommodation in Canada is frequently booked in advance and most of the attractions are overcrowded. In many ways, the fall months, particularly September and October, are the most pleasant time to travel, as the weather is frequently rather pleasant, the crowds have dispersed, and prices start to fall. If you are looking for value, spring is the top time to pay a visit to Canada. On the other hand, it’s not a great time to plan a trip centering on outdoor activities as it is also the “mud season” when all that snow melts. 2.Getting to Canada. You may have several possibilities to get to Canada. If you prefer traveling by plane the leading airports for international flights are Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal. Smaller airports for example Calgary and Winnipeg also have some international flights, especially in summer. Traveling by car in Canada is easy. Because Canada has the longest open border on earth, it tends to make sense that various travelers from USA prefer taking their own car to Canada as a road-trip destination. When you decide to travel within the the country train and bus can be fantastic options. 3.Accommodation. You will find a large amount of hotels in Canada able to suit all travelers’ needs. You can choose from budget hotels to bed and breakfast to luxury four and five star hotels. Depending on the city where you may stay the prices may vary plus the prices are higher in the biggest cities. For top prices it is advisable to book online hotel in Canada in advance and you can be sure that you will have probably the most discounted rates on the market. 4.Currency. The official currency in Canada is Canadian Dollar. However, it is different than the US dollar. Some business can accept payment in US dollars, making the currency value exchange. It is often advisable to bring money in a variety of forms on a vacation: a combination of cash, credit cards, and traveler’s checks. Most of the world famous cards like Mastercars, VISA and American Express are accepted in all places. 5.Language. American English is the official language in the country. French and Spanish are also often spoken.

Canada: Travel’s Understated Treasure

The second largest country in the world should by no means stand in the shadow of its more boisterous southern neighbor. Canada’s 10 million square kilometers of land, lakes and life brings its own signature flavor to the North American continent. Travel through Canada is a truly mind-opening experience for even the most seasoned vacationer. The region has been inhabited since the retreat of the last ice age, creating nearly 10,000 years of aboriginal history. Vikings roamed Canada’s arctic shores long before Europeans began bickering over land rights during the 16th century. The French settlers founded Quebec City in 1608 while British explorers populated the Atlantic seaboard and Hudson Bay. European wars exacerbated Franco-British tensions until the American Revolution sent British refugees north, tipping the balance away from the French. Canada was finally unified under a constitution in 1867, while maintaining ties to the British crown. Since then, a large Quebec sovereignty movement has emerged in the French speaking province and has gained momentum at the federal level. Canada’s Untainted Urban Gems Canada’s cities are as diverse as its territory is expansive. French-speaking Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and arguably the liveliest in Canada. After the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the Biodome de Montreal filled in the empty stadium with four actively maintained ecosystems and numerous living exhibits. The collection of species is nothing short of phenomenal. Montreal has a thriving museum culture (buy a 3-museum pass) and an irresistible nightlife, boasting the largest dance floor in the country and a pioneering music scene with an eclecticism not to be found elsewhere. Travel west into Canada’s serene backwoods to discover Vancouver, a metropolitan diamond in the rough of British Columbia’s rugged wilderness. Ski Whistler’s nearby slopes or enjoy a day of sailing, then flex your cosmopolitan muscle in the evening with a stroll through the acclaimed Vancouver Art Gallery and appetizers at Canada Place. Visit Vancouver for a taste of Canada’s blossoming multiculturalism and international flavor. For a slower and more intimate pace, discover Nova Scotia’s capital of Halifax in the northeast. This revamped harbor town has become Canada’s Hollywood, with a large number of movies and shows being filmed along the charming avenues. Unlimited Supply of Adventure Canada’s Northwest and Yukon Territories offer some of the most pristine stretches of natural beauty in North America, along with the best light show around complements of the Aurora Borealis. Kluane National Park protects Yukon’s World Heritage Sites and Canada’s highest peak. In Alberta, Banff and Jasper National Parks provide the most spectacular views from the Canadian Rockies and a visit to Canada’s Glacier National Park, British Columbia, is imperative to witness the retreating ancient glaciers. With 39 National Parks and Reserves, Canada provides an infinite stock of breathtaking encounters. Due to Canada’s extreme northern latitude, travel is best enjoyed during the summer months of July and August, even if the days are extremely long or endless. Winter sports can be enjoyed in many resorts year-round; however, December and January tend to be unbearably cold and dark, particularly in the northern regions.

Canada Travel Insurance For a Better Life

Travel Insurance Canada is regarded as necessary for all travelers; it helps a person face any unexpected medical or other conditions which could arise suddenly. Affordable travel insurance will help travelers save themselves from paying huge hospital bills. Canada Travel Insurance will always protect travelers within the country and those traveling abroad. If you have effective travel insurance, sickness, injury and accidents will not spoil your vacation. All the valuable time spent in planning you vacation will not go wasted. Wherever you are your insurance company will ensure that you receive proper medical help, as soon as possible. Making you feel healthier and better in no time at all. That is why it is very important to purchase travel insurance before you start your vacation. There are several travel insurance plans available on the internet. Each website has details of their policies on the website. Any questions regarding the policies can be asked on the site itself or you could call the toll free number provided on most of the sites and clear all your doubts before going ahead and purchasing an appropriate policy for your travel needs. Most of the government medical policies only provide services to citizens within a certain province or territory in Canada. This makes it necessary for people traveling for vacation or visiting within the country, to take travel insurance. This will save them from incurring huge bills from the costly medical services of Canada. Illness or accident can come over a person at any given time, so it is always wise to go prepared. Those Canadians who are planning to travel outside their country should take efficient travel insurance from the internet or through a travel agent. This will actually act as your safeguard in the new country. You can relax and enjoy your vacation while any problem which comes up will be attended with the help of the insurance company. Visitors coming over to Canada for sightseeing or to visit a relative or friend should take up a travel insurance policy before or after coming here, as medical services in the country are very costly. In case during your stay here you fall ill or are injured or meet with an accident, all your medical treatments will be taken care of by the insurance company. This way you will be saved from extra expenditure. Expatriates and foreign students living in Canada are not protected by the government medical plans. Hence it becomes very pivotal for them to get insurance policies for themselves in order to keep themselves well protected in this foreign country. Immigrants who have just moved into the country will be covered under government medical policies after a certain period of time. In the meanwhile they need to purchase insurance plans for themselves, as this will keep them covered for all medical services. Affordable travel insurance is available here to meet the needs of all. A good Travel insurance Canada can be taken up to make life easy for the travelers. The Canada Travel Insurance is effective and efficient in service.